A man with hazy origins, Ventris is one of the newest additions to the Uber Elitists, the only living Space Dragon, and metamorphius' right-hand man. Further backstory traces Ventris's origins from a galaxy far, far away.

He is the most reputable man on Discord.


Ventris came from planet inhabited by an entire dragon-like race in a distant galaxy from the Milky Way, and was born in the Space Dragon royal family. After millenia of endless conflict, the warring tribes' destruction across the entire planet caused its core to become unstable. The remaining survivors fled to spaceships in an attempt to escape the planet's explosion. It was believed only Ventris' ship survived the blast radius, albeit barely. Ventris' ship had enough energy to make the journey towards the Milky Way Galaxy and eventually encounter the Uber Elitists.

There have been inconsistencies to Ventris's origins; he claims to have been a strong candidate to lead the Fourth Reich of Germany, but was beaten by Nidhoeggr for the spot. The Almighty Fuhrer himself has denied Ventris ever vying for the ultimate German leadership.

Ventris became metamorphius's right hand man and with her, conducted various, dark scientific experiments unknown to everyone else in the universe. He is very loyal to meta and dedicated to making her dreams come to fruition by any means necessary.

Ventris's Diet

Ventris the Space Dragon's diet only consists of teenage girls; blonde ones to be exact. He gets really picky in how they are prepared, but it usually depends on his mood if he wants them rare, medium rare, or all of the above. But he gets by. Even sneaks one or two blonde teenage girls back to his Space Castle at midnight when Nidhoeggr isn't looking. Damn nearly killed dietmango when the latter was caught sneaking around the place.

Skills and Abilities

Because of his origins, Ventris has space draconian blood running through his veins and can transform into a majestic dragon at will. He is currently the only known Space Dragon in existence. He is also famous for drinking 9999 beers in one sitting without getting drunk, and has been able to pass any sobriety test. He also speaks with a Prussian accent, a habit he formed long ago.


HP: ???

Attack: ???

Defense:  ???

Special Attack: ???

Special Defense: ???

Speed: ???


- "It's like bad Love Hina mated with Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka and drank alot of Tequila during pregnancy." (about the quality of Itsudatte My Santa!)

- "At least they have underage boobs."

- "Gonna eat my teenage girls now."

- "I'll need some lightsaber mic swinging idols for my personal guard, once I have taken over the world."

- "Yesterday, French grill with American accent told me that Japanese chicken > all. I miss the 18th century, where something like that would have been a tolerable casus belli."

- "I'm always up for loli slapping."

- "The 45 minutes I spent looking at Laxus' crotch were 11/10."

- "Oh yeah. Tentacles.

- "Tentacles are never a mistake."

- "I was ready for some more Rarity breathing."

- "So every Sunday, I sacrifice a llama in the grand cathedral."

- "Fuck you, Japan. With a big stick."

- "I don't let trivial stuff like the forces of nature interfere with my LN anime."

- "There are things nobody should ever do. Like leaving another sentient being behind to watch DxD PorN alone."

- "But now I'm more careful about my teenage girls."

- "Kind of felt bad raping Shia all the time. But this is Japan. So she liked it eventually."

Quotes 2.0

- "No, I did the penis."

- "No, I only want the head."

- "I'm a 16 year old feminist. From Oxford."

- "Suck it, Nid."

- "Directly above her vagina was the only option."

- "But they would have to incest (*invest) actual work into those accounts."

- "Let's overthrow the government and make Mango president for life."

- "...Chaiyya Chaiyya..."

- "Then we will thrust to galactic domination like a fat otaku dick into a fake vagina."

- "Are you denying the beauty of underage boobs!? Go away, you heathen!"

- "But honestly, a piece of broccoli in my butt would probably be more pleasant than watching this show."

- "But you make my kokoro go dokidoki." (to Pixie)

- "The chains of society keeping me away from booze."

- "I only had one or two flings with teachers."

- "They are adorable...and my heart melted."

- "...I still need to bang the rabbit teacher MILF."

- "I prefer a girl's dick to be at least the length of her upper body."

- "So glad I get those loli boobs now."