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Artwork courtesy of VentusCross

Valvrape the Penetrator is a 20XX mecha/thriller erotic novel that details the exploits of Naruto and his trusty giant mecha, and their grand adventures of raping every single woman and mecha in existence. It was written by VentusCross, who used his infamous pseudonym, Glasses McPherson.


Valvrape The Penetrator takes place in the space station known as the Sodomy Star, there Haruto (Known by his nickname Naruto), is the star pupil along with his childhood friend, Shoko "Jinglebells" Sashinami. However, when the Space Nazi Illuminati attacked the space station and killed his friend, Naruto got into the secret weapon, Valvrape the Penetrator, to get revengance. Followed by his partner in crime, ERUERUFU, and his trusty Valvrapist Division, he will rape every girl and mech in existance, until he has achieved his adventure's ideal climax.


The novel was met with mixed reviews, accumulating a score of 6.9/10 based on 69% of reviewers who gave it a positive score. Valvrape the Penetrator was met with scrutiny when the WETM (Weaboos for the Ethical Treatment of Mechas) threatened to boycott the novel for its "inappropriate and inhumane depiction of mechas," arguing that the book's core themes implied that humans are above mechas in terms of class. For the same issue, Valvrape the Penetrator was banned in certain countries such as Germany and Australia -- given an AO rating -- for its excessive use of the word 'rape,' 'female stronghold,' and 'fanny.'