The Young Black Widow's Apprentice Is A Time Traveler From Another Dimension?! is an upcoming original harem light novel series. It is about Maekawa, an average high school student who is transported to another dimension and time, who later discovers she is bound to a beautiful tsundere of royal blood via a mysterious contract. It is a result of a collaborative effort between Nidhoeggr, Ventris, and Tommy73.

Prologue: Schwarze WitweEdit

Flowers, tall trees, birds twittering; a quiet forest where the sun's rays shine through the leaves-
*Stomp, stomp, stomp* –
The sounds of giant feet were echoed through the now not-so-quiet forest as Maekawa is frantically pushing forward.

“Why is this happening!?”

His thoughts were a mess as he plunged forward, fearing that the bare-fanged terror would catch up to him. Sweat was running down his chin, drops pearling on his already trenched high school uniform, the summer uniform of Owakada High.

However, not even the lighter cloth could easy the exhaustion he faced just now.
“This is completely unreasonable, no, not even that. Unthinkable – No, even more: Almost absurd!” Were the boy’s thoughts as he threw away his blazer jacket in a futile effort to lighten the burden on his shoulders.

He had always been just an average athlete, but he never dreamed that this would ever lead to an disadvantageous situation.

Chapter 1Edit