Also called 'Der großartige Plan,' it was a horrifying experiment that caused a rift between metamorphius and the Uber Elitist Club.


It was recently discovered by the Uber Elitists that MAL did not exist in the real world; it was one massive laboratory experiment conducted by metamorphius. The experiment was to find out whether or not its 'participants' can achieve enlightenment...through means of forcing each one to focus on their own survival -- while eliminating the weak links in the process.

The experiment garnered unexpected results; fanboys' opinions were swayed through means of extreme reverse psychology (which ended in murder and bloody suicide), multiple plebians killing their own followers because of one negative comment, and the typical, disillusioned plebes who fervently believed their opinion was right and the only outlier opinion was automatically considered a 'filthy gaijin' and was isolated from the rest of the pack.

Deeming the experiment too extreme, Nidhoeggr ordered a massive shutdown of all of metamorphius' laboratories and seized all specimens created and involved in every project created by the latter. Metamorphius and the Uber Elitists had a falling out at this point in time, with the former leaving a note to the Almighty Fuhrer that he will "regret tampering with my plans. You will know true terror soon.", vanishing without a trace.

Before all this, MAL in its entirety was known as "Hell on Earth." Though in reality, it is only a nightmarish fantasy world that connects all of its users in one, colossal hub, making everyone involved believe they are living free lives within its walls; all orchestrated by metamorphius in secret even from the Uber Elitists for centuries. While in their minds, the denizens of MAL are happily living the ultimate plebian life. But on the surface, they are all strapped to beds -- and kept sedated 24/7 by meta's right hand man, Ventris -- to keep the illusion going.

The question begs to be answered then: If that is the case, is the existence of the Uber Elitists function in a similar way? Because of this, Nidhoeggr sent a handful of his underlings on black-ops missions for the sole purpose of getting to the heart of this conspiracy.

Shortly after, a massive explosion occurs at the very center of Maegil, St. Uber; an explosion that causes the mighty tower to crumble into pieces, with a mysterious dragon hovering above the fiery ruins, only obscured by the dark of the night. Little did they know, metamorphius herself was conducting yet another experiment in the shadows...

Just what is going on?

(to be continued...)