Sushi, also known as "Ouma Jr." and "Tentacle Master," is the self-proclaimed god over all tentacles. Many fair maidens have fallen trap to Sushi's undeniable 'charms' (or mind control, is what it is) to be straight up tentacled in the process. Dietmango has made it his mission to slit Sushi's throat once and for all, but Sushi's persistence has prolonged the seemingly endless battle between good vs. evil even further.

When Sushi graduated from Fate Academia, he got wasted so bad, he tried to court single women. When every single one of them rejected him, he went after men instead; at one point he even proposed his gay love for a coffee machine. He even confessed his love for the super space warrior, lordzeru. From then on, he's been known in the Uber Kingdom as its biggest gay enthusiast.


Sushi hails from the planet, Yohko, where an infamous race of Yohkonians breed a horde of tentacle monsters as a means of wreaking havok across the universe with bio-terrorism. The planet of Yohko is renowned for their elite Devil Hunters.

Sushi was a former Yohkonian Devil Hunter who was executed for treason because he couldn't bust a nut for the King's daughter. He was then refitted and genetically mutated into a tentacle monster/Devil Hunter, to serve the King for eternity. Sushi has since been renowned as one of the greatest Devil Hunters Yohko has ever seen, obviously aided by his terrifying tentacle powers.

The '55' in his name is a misconception; it is not 55 kills under his belt. It's his inability to lay a single fair maiden in bed. The 55th victim was the Yohko King's daughter.

Uber Elitists

Sushi encountered the Uber Elitists and attempted to tentacle all of its fair maidens. However, dietmango challenged him in mortal kombat and stopped him in his tracks. Their battle ended in a stalemate, after 6900 years. Sushi was hailed for his persistence and was allowed to be inducted into the Uber Elitists family. Dietmango, however, keeps tabs on him whenever he wants to tentacle another fair maiden within the kingdom's walls.

After a long and strenuous period of coming to terms, Sushi declared his love for Lordzeru. He did so with a poem.

"Roses are Red

Violets are Blue

Sushi is gay

For lordzeru"

Sushi's love was rejected.

Skills and Abilities

Sushi's tentacle prowess is impeccable, earning the name "Tentacle Master."


HP: 55

Evasion: 55

Attack: 55

Defense: 55

Special Attack: 55

Special Defense: 55

Speed: 55


- "Yay, tentacles!"

- "I'd totally suck on some mango right now."

- "Yay, lolis!"

- "Ventris, you would be my favorite anime villain and I'd be your love interest."

- "I'd wrap my arms around you all day long."

- "I miss the cumshot."

- "I sometimes wonder whether Zeru simply exists to annoy me."

-" I was always on team Rey, KD."

- "Hurt me, Rarity-chan."

- "Why do I always end up in brothels?"

- "I wasn't even drunk...I tried to get pussy and failed and am now going after men and also failing."

- "...Now I just feel really, really, really fucking stupid."

- "My drone will one day pierce your skies, lordzeru."

- "I hate you asshats so much."