Often regarded as the "Mad Bull of India," "Indian Sleepy," and the Indian equivalent of Batman himself, Bajirao Singham is unequalled and very strong, and easily the greatest cop who ever lived.

Master of Justice

Singham doesn't spare the bad. He embraces the good, destroyer of evil. He has an army of vigilantes ready to fight crime by his side.

Rarity's Husbando

Rarity is slowly and secretly building her own harem of superheroes, alongside Hentai Kamen. She sneaks into Singham's 9000 floor mansion every night just to watch him sleep soundly for 8 hours straight. She had a catfight with Emmrys over Our Hero, but settled to go after Singham instead. Rarity commented that "it was the mustache."



Skills and Abilities

If you don't know who Singham is, then you will know now. Singham has a particular set of skills. Skills he has acquired over a very long career. Skills that make him a nightmare for evil-doers, pedophiles, murderers, psychopaths, sociopaths, thieves, intruders, punks, drug dealers, misbehavers, knife wielders, and wangsters. He will find you, and he will bring you to justice.

Singham has a bitchin' mustache that makes every single creature in the universe immediately fall in love with him, but he chooses to use the power of his 'stache sparingly. He instead chooses the ones who will fall in love with him. He just has way too much swag.

Among his other set of particular skills are that he is a master at hand-to-hand combat, weapons specialist, master bike rider, master lover, master singer -- a voice to pierce the heavens -- master runner, belt master, master chair kicker, master interrogator, the list goes on. Singham has supernatural powers and can defy the laws of physics, can take on enemies and defeat them in a matter of minutes, is said to bestow the lion its majestic roar, and has the undisputed greatest bitchslap in the universe.

After Singham has built up enough anger, he unleashes Super Singham J Hyper Mode, in which he is invulnerable to any attack until all of his enemies are put to justice. He uses the Singham Arts style in combat, which is second only to Our Hero's unknown style of martial arts. Singham can also teleport at will without having his presence detected.


Attack: x x

Defense: x

Special Attack: x

Special Defense: x

Speed: x


Justice Slap

Belt Justice

Chair Justice

Lion's Paw


- "Hey. I've been thinking about you all night."

- "Just imagine what they will do to you when I raise my voice."

- "I love you."

- "It's a swamp. complete swamp."

- "I wish you had done your duty just as you speak."

- "Don't fuck with Bajirao Singham."

- "Who are you?! A criminal born out of corruption!"

- "Now I will show you your stature."

- "Anyone who interferes with my work, I will break his legs and make him beg in the streets."

- "You might have seen three lions on my uniform. The fourth one is here. Now I have lost it."

- "No matter where you release a pet dog, he always returns home."

- "I will have to use my ways of the village."

- "Your boss is dead."

Theme Song

Singham Title Song Full HD Video Feat

Singham Title Song Full HD Video Feat. Ajay Devgan