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Doraemon "Little Ding Dong" and "SILVER II" is the infamous being who was the sole, original creator of the terrorizing Ninja Planet. He is also the creator and father of Giambi, Fu, and Yiching. He lured the Uber Elitists to his home to break them. Mentally.

Then the Uber Elitists broke him, much to his chagrin. Also well known as the worst gambler in the Uber Kingdom, with his infamous nickname, Silver II.



Silver II's Harem

Doraemon has secretly been running a pimp business for years, coaxing lolis to come to his mansion with the promises of becoming rich and be featured in one of his music rap videos. In reality, Doraemon trains them to become the greatest loli maidos in the entire universe for his Loli Armada. Also, part of their job description is to be dominatrix-wearing assassins at night. Apparently.

Silver II was the center of a controversy when the Uber FBI raided his pimp mansion, finding it dilapidated and had a house full of lolis he kept as prisoners. This in turn violates the Uber Kingdom's 'no lolis' rule, making Silver II at least in the Uber's Top 10 Most Wanted list. Silver II has been on the run ever since, kidnapping a loli or two for personal reasons. His reasoning was "these are high value loli. Leave me alone!" as he quickly fled the scene. The remaining lolis were released and put in shelters.

Digging deep into Silver II's Ubernet history has also uncovered an international, elite-class loli ring conspiracy that has apparently been active for centuries, a secret organization that Silver II has been an integral part of. Empress Pixie has issued an all-kingdom manhunt for Silver II and apprehend him once and for all.

Skills and Abilities

- Every time Silver II upgrades his Silver account, rolls decrease by 25% per level increase.


- "I get goosebumps whenever someone called me Little Ding Dong."

- "I used to catch Mewtwo while shitting back then."

- "...I don't really like hard, fast-paced..."

- "I shed a manly tear everytime I read your impressions on Mahouka, Popka."

- "How can you fuck me...when I fuck myself?"

- "These are high value loli. Leave me alone!"

- "My pedo brain can only register flat chest."

- "but its a good dong..."