Officially dubbed the Uber Kingdom's resident numptee and the Scottish-Italian-Mexican Morgan Freeman, Fernando Reialgo is the CEO of one of the most famous kilt companies in the universe. Likes to disguise himself as a loli dressed in a kimono and patrols the lower quarter of the Uber Kingdom to lure 50 year old creeps for fun. But these are all just a front. Reialgo is the last surviving Dragonbro whose clan was usurped from the throne long ago.


Reialgo is the 7th of 99 total children of the strongest Dragonbro family of the entire clan (whose current name is unknown). Out of all the children who underwent rigorous training in the Dragonbro version of the throat-slitting art, Reialgo was deemed the strongest; he was to inherit the throne and become the new Dragonbro King.

However, in a tweeeeeest of events, Reialgo's then-girlfriend Lucina backstabbed him and left him for dead. She then proceeded to murder Reialgo's entire family and deem him the one behind their deaths. The entirety of the Dragonbro clan wiped Reialgo's family from their history books and made sure not even one drop of the bloodline would be known to the universe. With no other options and in the brink of death, Reialgo escaped by the skin of his teeth and found himself in front of the Uber Kingdom's gates. Princess Emmrys saw the Dragonbro's potential and took him in the Uber Elitist family.

Resident Numptee/Scottish-Italian-Mexican Morgan Freeman

Reialgo became an official citizen of the Kingdom and was well-known as the resident numptee, famous for his skill with the knife and bagpipe skills. It was also the only Scottish word everyone knew in the Kingdom and could not call him anything else.

It was recently discovered in a secret DNA test that Reialgo is 10/1 Scottish, 7/8 Italian, and 3/4 Mexican. He was automatically given Fernando as his legal first name, by decree of Princess Regent Mango. He is also known as Scottish-Italian-Mexican Morgan Freeman, as he narrates everyone's story from beginning to the end of each day. His voice is so soothing it is rumored that he acquired such narrating skills from the Uber Gods themselves.

Reialgo's Harem

Reialgo has a harem of women living with him in his Dragonbro mansion; it is currently unknown how many women sleep with him on a daily basis. Reialgo, however, has not entered a serious relationship with any of his ladies, because the nightmares of Lucina's betrayal continue to haunt him to this day. He vows vengeance will be served someday, but that time has not come yet.

Skills and Abilities

Reialgo's kingdom also specialized in a secret martial art that seems to be a modified version of dietmango's throat-slitting art, holding the title as its current Grandmaster. A master of disguise, he utilizes his ability to pose as a loli in kimono to gather any information he can that traces back to his Dragonbro origins.

Reialgo once fought against the entirety of the Uber Elitists in a HOLD SHIFT DOWN battle and won the epic tournament singlehandedly. His shout voice could topple giants, freeze and burn people to death, and summon phantom Dragonbros to join him in battle. Reialgo also has an unsatiated hunger for salmon and haggis, and would handanal anyone who gets in his way, Glasgow style. Reialgo can also play the bagpipe like a motherfuckin' riot. Reialgo also met William Wallace long ago and taught him the meaning of freedom. Strangely enough, when asked the question of what was he [Wallace] like, Reialgo just replied with, "He kinda looked like that one Mel Gibson guy."

Reialgo's signature move is he can transform into his Dragonbro form, where he is near invincible and his stats triple. His ultimate move is called 'The Glasgow Special,' in which he makes clones of himself to handanal the opponent in every direction possible. No escape. No mercy.


HP: 130,210

Attack: 40,000

Defense:  25,000

Special Attack: 11,000

Special Defense: 30,000

Speed: 21,000



- "My handle bars are the handle bars that will pierce the heavens."

- "EPUC"

- "Mango, have my babies."


- "I'm inserting myself into things."