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Rarity performing in one of her galactic concerts

Rarity, better known as "Rarity Royale" is THE #1, most prestigious pop idol in the entire universe. Her innocent, pure beauty, irresistable charms, superior intelligence, and a powerful singing voice rivaling that of the mother of all beings, Amberleh made her a significant force in the music industry. Her 9000 albums have all reached Uber Platinum in the Ubercon charts. her 9001th album, My Little Rarity Can't Be This Cute is soon to be released to the galaxies beyond.

Rarity later abandoned her idol career to seek vengeance against a terrifying enemy, eventually becoming a legendary, near-mythical Witch Hunter of the Australian Outback/Pigeon Whisperer/Outback Ranger Down Under.

Origins from Down Under

Rarity started out with very humble origins in the Southeastern continent of Australia. She first had her first gig in the backlot of Wal-Mart, where only a mysterious being named Allirog Eruc was the only attendee. Seeing potential in the young one, Allirog brought Rarity under her wing and taught her everything about being a great pop idol. Rarity not only wanted to be good, she wanted to be the very best. That no one ever was. Eventually, Rarity became the most popular pop idol Down Under, and would soon expand to the rest of Earth, Milky Way, and Andromeda galaxies.

Rarity's Secret Husbando

On nights when she's not busy capturing otakus' hearts with her innocent charm, Rarity comes out of her palace and visits her secret husbando, a mysterious figure named Robin. They met one night after Rarity fell off the Grand Canyon. When all hope was lost, a man who wore only a codpiece and a panty over his head saved her life and flew her home to Australia. Rarity never forgot the mysterious panty man who saved her life, and from then on, they saw each other in secret. They soon sealed their love for each other for all eternity with a kiss from a rose.

Witch Hunter Rarity

Down Under had slowly become consumed by mysterious evil entities that possessed individuals to put SAO ringtones in their phones. The entire world, however, dismissed it as just another epidemic that was claimed to already have been suppressed with a new vaccine.

But that was not the case.

See, Rarity and her BFF Sally knew better. Both idols investigated an old mining facility to uncover the truth behind this breakout. What they found was an ancient meteorite that emitted a strange, purple energy that spouted out puffs of smoke periodically. Sally went to touch the meteorite and was unfortunately possessed by an evil spirit herself. The spirit, having completely taken over Sally's petite body, spoke through her. He called himself:


Rarity tried to fight back the darkness, but was defeated as quick as a virgin having a premature ejaculation moment during his first time. Rarity was totally helpless as she watched her BFF Sally put SAO as her ringtone, and her body ravaged to pieces. The spirit exited out of the derelict complex in a burst of energy and disappeared into the night, with the frightening sounds of KittyToe the Spirit's laughter echoing through the air.

Haunted by her friend's death, Rarity vowed to scour the Earth to find KittyToe and bring justice once and for all. And so, Rarity became a Witch Hunter. At the same time, she kept up with her pop idol career as a front to keep people from discovering her secret misson. While the rest of the world think she has moved on from the incident, Rarity's burning desire to exorcise KittyToe is very much alive. She would soon become a legend, having making a name for herself in her Witch Hunter persona, hunting and killing witches of similar variety: 50 Shades, buttplug, body pillows, Twilight, and soft mousepads. She has helped kept the darkness back, but she knows the war has just begun.

Rarity, Pigeon Whisperer


Rarity accepted a quest that involved capturing and assassinating murderous pigeons that have terrorized a nearby town. Instead of destroying said pigeons, it is said she chose an alternate route to the quest's end; Rarity befriended and romanced the pigeons to pacify them, and it worked. The pigeons immediately sought to reform their lives, with the condition that they now live with their ultimate waifu, Rarity-chan. With the quest completed, Rarity gained 999,999 experience points, a new boomerang, and $1 million (Australian dollars) as her reward. Rarity can't seem to get rid of the pigeons and told them to leave, but the pigeons constantly think she is "just being tsun tsun...without the dere."

Rarity, Outback Ranger

Rarity accepted then another quest in that she was desperately needed to act as their lone Outback Ranger to fight off crocs, giant nope spiders, rabid koalas, and the like. She retained the title of Outback Ranger even after her quest was complete.

Settling Down...Under...?

Empress Pixie decreed that Rarity find a partner of her own and settle down from a lifetime of the hunt. Many would-be suitors have attempted for her hand in marriage, but none seem to match the Witch Hunter's extremely high standards. Empress Pixie's efforts appear to be in vain after 2000 of these men were divorced and left out to dry outside the kingdom's walls.

However, this mass divorce has left her with a fairly sizeable fortune enough to build a kingdom of her own...

Meanwhile, in Australia...

Unfortunately, Rarity took her charms with her, with the side effects being bringing negative energy to those abandoned places. Her birthplace, Australia, took the biggest toll out of all. It is too painful to describe in words. I'll let these disturbing, coma-inducing images to speak for themselves:

Skills and Abilities

Rarity's singing voice has allowed her to sing everyone into submission, similar to Amberleh's singing ability. Instead of erasing their existence, Rarity brings them back into it. Rarity also drinks from the blood of crocodiles she kills with her bare hands, tames kangaroos by handanaling them into submission, and then make them fly anywhere in the world. She's a tough as nails Aussie who has been bitten by rattlesnakes, stung by scorpions, and eaten by crocs. But all those three die every time they do so. This is helped by her being a direct descendant of Crocodile Dundee.

Rarity's devoted training to becoming a legendary Witch Hunter has all but paid off. She can dual wield twin boomerangs, all coated with vegemite for poisonous properties that do damage to multiple enemies over time. Rarity can run at blinding speeds, incredible endurance, and can set traps on unsuspecting enemies. She has also mastered her natural Australian instincts and successfully trained a kangaroo to accompany her in her most dangerous missions.


HP: 9,999,9999

Attack: ???

Defense:  ???

Special Attack: ???

Special Defense: ???

Speed: ???


- "If one thing on the internet survives the apocalypse for the new world to discover I want it to be this wiki."

- "The nether can officially go fuck itself."

- "it feels weird"

- "Pigeons >>> everything"

- "I want the giant one."

- "Fuck this gay earth."

- "I love how whoever did the art for this took the time to add kitty buttholes."

- "Kill yourselves."

- "I'm just a bishie game guru."

- "I've made it my mission to get a butthole picture of every cat."

- "I'm a 19 year old grandma."


- "fuckin kill him."

- "There's a koala pokemon!?"