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Pure Sight Mk. iVII, the latest and current version.

This coveted pair of modest-looking glasses was created by VentusCross, in which he used to beat dietmango's girls with glasses scouting record of 9998 light years to his 9999 light years.

Pure Sight Mk. iVII

The latest and current version of the Pure Sight, the thin but sturdy titanium arms and rock solid frame stabilizes the lens and allows maximum vision without any blurry lines or pixels even around the edges. This model managed to be the first and so far the only one to reach the previously thought unreachable 9999 light year distance.

Pure Sight Mk. I

The prototype model created by VentusCross. Notice the

The prototype Pure Sight model

outer rims were created very thinly out of Remington Steel and the lens were crafted from pure plasma. It was designed in mind to withstand the vaccuum of space while not sacrificing depth and width altogether. It could reach a maximum of only 6666 light years. The design ended up being scrapped after 69 test runs because it just made the user look like a pedo secretary straight out of Compton.

Pure Sight Mk. v091.II

Designed with a futuristic look in mind, the Pure Sight Mk. v091.II

The Pure Sight Mk. v091.II

was sleek, appealing, and just screamed high-tech. Both the arms and frame are made out of polymer fibers mixed in with dragon scales from Nidhoeggr's private dragon collection to accomodate its surprising light weight and near-indestructible trait. The lens provided a customizable HUD that allowed the user to zoom in shrouded objects within the thick clouds of dust from stars that have previously gone supernova.

This model, however, was stolen by an unknown thief who assaulted VentusCross and almost got away with murder. The glasses and the suspect's whereabouts are currently unknown.