When he gives you the stare. You ded. D-E-D.

Our man. Our salvation. Our revolution. Our hero.

Princess Emmrys' Secret Husbando

Emmrys will never admit it, but she is secretly, truly, madly, deeply in love with Our Hero. Her room is full of figurines, shirts, perfumes, pillows, posters, and other paraphernalia she stole from Our Hero in secret. She is dedicated to keep this a secret she is willing to issue death penalties to those who would dare speak ill about Our Hero's deeds. Emmrys regularly sneaks out of her room just to watch Our Hero take a shower in his one room apartment. Every. Single. Night.

Skills & Abilities

Our Hero has all the skills a hero is required to possess. Our Hero is a master combat/weapons specialist, master assassin, master escapist, master of disguise, master lover, master driver, master horseback rider, master conversationalist, ultimate harem master, master runner, master striker, master jumper, master swimmer, master manipulator, master singer, master dancer, the list goes on.

Our Hero can take on bad guys and still come out on top with nary a scratch. He can wrestle with the best of them. Put the same posers with tractors and Our Hero can still wipe the floor with them. His defense is so incredible, he is virtually indestructible.


Attack: x x

Defense: x x

Special Attack: x x

Special Defense: x x

Speed: x x