Nidhoeggr lange und knackige Würste is an Alpha Male exclusive erotic novel written by metamorphius. It failed to sell well and even nominated for the Best Erotic Novel for Children and Adults alike because of a backlash and eventual successful boycott by the Feminazis.


The novel begins on Nidhoeggr's deathbed, holding a snowglobe, uttering the word, "Würste" with his dying breath, dropping the snowglobe on the floor.

The rest of the story then chronicles Nidhoeggr's life before death, feeding the masses with the longest and most crisp sausages he could ever offer them.


Nidhoeggr lange und knackige Würste was critically acclaimed by critics, garnering a 100% rating from all sites. Unfortunately, the novel did not sell well, all thanks to a successful boycott instilled by Amberleh and the Feminazis. The novel was ostracized and many bookstores were forced to burn their supply.

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