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The Holy One

Nidhoeggr is the founder and almighty Führer of the Anime Uber Elitists. He rules under a strict dictatorship  and doesn't take lip from man, woman, or JOHJ. Despite his ruling style, he is greatly beloved by his underlings. 


Rumor has it that Nidhoeggr descended onto the country of Germany whilst riding a pure black dragon, where he was then chosen to lead the Fourth Reich of Germany. After years of working in secret as overlord of the Illuminati, one day -- while enjoying a cold beer -- discovered Chinese cartoons and decided to make it a life goal to conquer and rule over the animu community. He has since lived a peaceful life where he spends his leisurely days taking in knowledge of anime and manga, dedicating an infinite amount of time to enlightening plebeians. 

The Anime Uber-Elitists

After observing the great mess and garbage that is the MAL casual forums, Nidhoeggr decided that a great many of the ignorant masses were not capable of judging anime with open and objective minds. He then began the foundations of gathering a select few enlightened individuals that he felt could also help in the construction of a Great List of Enlightenment, a universal tablet that could be used to free all the Untermensch of the MAL community of their terrible taste in anime. He has continued this noble goal to this day. 

Voyage to the New World

Nidhoeggr ventured to Italy once to debunk "The World Is Flat" theory and had a one-night stand with the King's wife to acquire three ships for his journey. Serving under his command were Pico from Boku no Pico, 3 gay sailors, 2 JOHJ rats (3 originally, but one evolved into a beaver, one of AngelsArcanum's distant ancestral relatives), and a bird. Together, they discovered the Americas in 1492, along with a pagoda with honey in it, as well as the Zerg swarm. As it turns out, they landed in what was to be New York first, discovering that it was lush tropical jungle everywhere, complete with Mayan pyramids, waterfalls, and fairies. The Native Americans also spoke perfect English (before Britain could stake their claim) and snorted honey like it was crack cocaine.

List of Notable Dragons Nidhoeggr Has Made His Bitch

These poor excuses for "legendary" dragons made the foolish decision to challenge Nidhoeggr in mortal kombat, only to be fucked in the ass over and over by the Almighty Führer himself. They have since been serving Nidhoeggr to do his bidding and every night they are subjected to the horrible torture of making them watch the Wake Up, Girls! movie special; it has a total runtime of 75 minutes and is put on repeat until the day is over.

  • Ridley
  • Charizard
  • That One Dragon Miura Draw from Berserk That Guts May Or May Not Get To Fight But Depends On When Miura Will Actually Release More Chapters
  • Smaug (The Desolation of Smaug is really about Nidhoeggr singlehandedly conquering Smaug's female stronghold)
  • Optimus Yarnspinner (It is said that Nidhoeggr became Yarnspinner himself after the dragon's subsequent defeat)
  • JOHJ Dragon Kalameet (who is Black Dragon Kalameet's brother. Think Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot)
  • Seath the Scaleless (muthafucka didn't stand a chance.)
  • Duragonu of Duragonu
  • A Harem of CGI Dragons

List of Waifus Whose Feminine Strongholds Nidhoeggr Successfully Conquered

List of Husbandos Who Successfully Made Nidhoeggr Squeal Like Babe From Charlotte's Web (Starring Samuel L. Jackson)

  • Kars-sama
  • Dio Brando

Jew Boiler you really want to know?

Nidhoeggr's Spirit Bird


The Lammergeier, or Bearded Vulture, is Nidhoeggr's chosen Spirit Bird. Its main diet is bone marrow and can break through this hard material very quickly (no doubt from several years of mastering this art). It also likes to dip on red clay to paint itself red, establishing itself and demanding to be seen as a status symbol. Nidhoeggr's specific lammergeier is believed to have an ancestry line connected to the dragons, and it seems to have deviated from the main generation millions of years ago.

Nidhoeggr summons his spirit bird to light the way in the darkest of dungeons and is typically used more for hunting rather than battling plebes in the outer Uber realms. It has, however, seen its fair share of battle; legend says that this bird split a man's skull in half and drilled its way into all the latter's bone marrow in a matter of seconds. Eyewitness claims that this lammergeier can also breathe fire and ice, as well as understand and converse in multiple human languages.

Skills & Abilities

Nidhoeggr has been able to tame dragons to help him accomplish his ultimate goal. His Cave of Wonders is full of all breeds of dragons, all who swear loyalty to the Holy One. These dragons have been pivotal in the Fake Elitists War, achieving victories across all realms. Has a photographic memory, can cure any disease within/over a 9000 light-year radius, and is the only known being to subjugate JOHJ.


HP: x 2 

Attack: x 2

Defense:  x 2

Special Attack: x 2

Special Defense: x 2

Speed: x 2


- "Every word of mine is divine."

- "Mirai Nikki. Bitch."

- "Hitler's got nothing on me. Did you know what he was when he was 24? A hobo, a deserter, and a shitty artist in Munich."

- "Furry dragon porn is probably better than the actual movie (The Desolation of Smaug)."

- "I want a gay horse."

- "I want to abduct you, Mango.

- "I have Jesus here as well...on my harddrive."

- "We eat all kinds of sausages."

- "You just jealous because our Deutschländers are more crisp and longer."

- "...I love it [Kimi no Iru Machi] so much I would turn full BDSM if I meet Seo."

- "Anyone wanna watch Bukkake with me?"

- "Now bad harem anime will trigger me like a 14-year old tumblr fangirl."

- "Because even homosexual men probably have a higher sex drive towards women than harem leads."

- "Lordzeru should finally migrate to Europe so he can force himself on us..."

- "But I AM a dragonkin, you fucking sexist cunt."

- "I can't, you are too delicious to pass."

- "Piss smells better."

- "Mango, I ate you yesterday.

- "...gonna cry on poop until I kill my mother."

- "Paying for mods? What is this, AAA!?"

Quotes 2.0

- "The last 40 minutes were concentrated retard juice that kept pouring out of Shinbo's rectum."

- "KD looks sexy as a female."

- "...I'll just put my penis in."

- "I feel good right now. Time to bring the mood down with bukkake."

- "Guess someone owns me a blowjob."

- "Hey Reialgo, you like holes?"

- "I want to know how the shouta gets raped."

- "I want to colonize you, Amber."

- "life is full of pain"

- "A witch just summoned a giant ice cream cone, Haak."

- "Muh anal rape"

- "I am just a normal, humble dragonlord with a dragon harem."

- "Hey, if there is an actually fun AAA game I like, that is fine." - "Once you reach the tender elder dragon age of 1873 the sex drive is know..."