The legendary mask of the Legendary Super Space Warrior

Lordzeru, the Legendary Super Space Warrior who once made a killing by putting the entire universe in the most endangered list, is the Legendary Super Space Warrior. His Legendary Super Space Warrior powers were sought by the Almighty Fuhrer, and their match eventually led to a draw. He has since been part of the Uber Elitist club and is the undisputed Legendary Super Space ruler of Ninja Planet.

Raped by Zubats

Lordzeru once had a traumatic childhood. Before he knew the full extent of his latent Legendary Super Space Warrior powers, he ran from home and into a Zubat cave because MrNipples showed him some naked cartoon pussy. The Zubats could sense lordzeru's Legendary Super Space Warrior powers, aroused by it, and proceeded to beat lordzeru to the ground and rape him, Legendary Super Space Warrior style. That's right. Every. Single. Zubat. Raping him like a million needles poking through his Legendary Super Space butthole. Lordzeru has since made it his mission to rape and exterminate every single Zubat in existence.

Skills & Abilities

Perhaps lordzeru's most famous and powerful attack is called 'Big Needle Attack,' which can wipe out an entire galaxy in seconds.

Lordzeru apparently identifies himself as Asian.


HP: 9999

Attack: 9999

Defense: 9999

Special Attack: 9999

Special Defense: 9999

Speed: 9999


- "Shit, I just got blown up!"

- "I just found more tunnels."

- "I could do a better job with a trumpet and my ass."

- "This is gay."

- "Nice and firm."

- - "Man my butthole is really leakin' tonight."

- "Fuck you Mango. With a fat stick."

- "I closed up store and fucked some strippers ofc."

- "I can ruin your life."

- "My man-love for Arnold Schwarzenegger knows no bounds."

- "When you see something bad, and you see something else that looks just as bad, that's when you say: 'Man, I need to watch that too.'"

- "I hope I get AIDS and die after hearing this."

- "I don't flirt with anyone. Besides Mango."

- "My feet can freeze, but my ass cannot."

- "If Tatsuya was my brother I'd want to bang him too."

- "I would get hard..."

- "I'm working on Mango, too."

- Shouta fucking is right up my alley."

- "It comes right from the belly."

Quotes 2.0

- "Asuka is destroyed. Her face is black from my mouse. Her boobs are split on the sides. Her cleavage itself caved in from the weight of my wrist. Killing and deforming Chocolat will be my pleasure."

- "We're the worst kind of people. And I'm okay with that."

- "Not to sound like an edgy Sushi, but getting attached to you fucks sucks."

- "I hope you all choke on a cock."

- "I'd rather take a chance at Sushi trying to hold my hand than grab a bite to eat with Nickie."

- "It makes me moist."

- "Rape is the best way to establish true love."

- "Fuck the WiiU. Where's my beer?"

- "I'm a great asshole."

- "I'd do nasty shit to you."

- "Call me the Camel...'cause I carry you motherfuckers."

- "Hey baby, let me drop my balls on your forehead."

- "I play with my wood in my free time."

- "I got some of that Lelouch dick."

- "I'm trash and I don't care because I get to watch a good friend suffer."

- "Oh! My body."

- "We can do a small photoshoot of us pissing on each other."

- "Look, I'm just trying to drop you subtle hints Ducat. Sometimes Mango isn't enough. I have room for more."

- "Don't be jealous that nobody loves you as much mango and I love each other."

- "Mango eats sushi rolls right out of my butt."

Quotes 3.0

- "My trashcan can easily fit a single person."

- "My waifu is now your sister."

- "I would play a German SS-inspired game where you hunt down furries and send them to camps."