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You can (not) resist the sweetness here.

ihateeveryone, sometimes referred to as "L'orieleve" is the great mahou shoujo princess who saved the world countless times from the evil infesting the shores of MALworld.  It has been rumored that she does hate everyone. And Walkure Romance.


She has the power to cleanse anything she touches and can nullify any magic from any origin, be it from the heavens, demon, or dragon. Some mahou shoujo experts say she is Mahou Shoujo God herself, having creating everything from a single bright, golden hair. She has been seen in human form, but can take the form of any creature known to the known universe. Nobody really knows the extent of her amazing powers nor where she came from. But everyone knows that if you cross her, your life will cease to exist.

Is rumored to be the leader of the 'Kill All Mahou Shoujo Haters' faction and has been affiliated with other assassin guilds such as the 'Down With The MAL Sickness' and 'Mirai Nikki Sucks Brotherhood.' She has a personal bodyguard who will slit anyone's throat without question. The identity of this assassin has not been identified. Those who tried to do their throats slit.

She is also known as the grand reincarnation of Mother Teresa, Mohandas Ghandi, and Budda.

Skills & Abilities

ihateeveryone can nullify any type of magic of any origin, essentially giving her invulnerability to most attacks. Her cleansing powers wipe out the evil in everyone she touches, and can manipulate space and time to alter the course of history.





Special Attack:

Special Defense: ∞ 


Her Perilous Story

A Magical Girl forever cursed. She has lost the ability to love, and squanders her remaining days in hatred.

Unable to feel the warmth of others, she wandered about the lands of MAL. An utter wasteland of despair and pitfalls. It is a sad, lonely life, but the only one Fate offered her.

She has tried many times to undo the curse that binds her emotions, but to no avail. In one failed attempt she turned to the Gods for mercy. But the curse left her with no sweet words of praise to give. She spat harsh insults and whipped them with the lashes of her fiery tongue. Angered by her incessant mockery, the Gods unleashed thunder from the heavens, and turned her into a water Pokemon.

Now she floats on the waves and dives under the icy surface, forever misguided in the mighty trenches of MAL. She cannot love anyone, she can only hate everyone.



It is becoming well-documented that this particular club member is engaged in a one-sided sexual relationship with fellow member GoldenBRS. She methodically rapes and tortures him until he squeals her name pig-style. This pleases her almighty overlord, Amberleh


All ihateveryone really wants to do is leave this planet with her onii-chan VentusCross and live in Paradise where Mahou Shoujo reign supreme.

Some British Bondage Guy

ihateeveryone loves to punish her husbando whenever she is frustrated and spanks him all over his body with her custom-set paddles for maximum punishment (for the naughty boy he is).


- "If I get one more Charmander on WT I'm gonna kill a bitch."

- "Amber is my harem, yes."

- "Fuck men."

- "I wanna watch more Sailor Moon because <3 Lesbians."

- "When we're both stable I'll lay down the law." (regarding punishing her husbando)

- "10/10 would fap again." (View on Moetan)

- "nolesbians/10."

- "I bet I could kill a man with the sharpness of the hair on my Cure Beat figure."

- "Day 1 we hug"

- "Day 2 we suck dick"