The great hero that is the embodiment of justice, heroism, and alpha manhood. Hentai Kamen is a tireless superhero hellbent on bringing justice upon the corrupt criminals of the world. His power is activated through the aromatic scent of ladies pantsu and he basically goes SSJBatman420 on your ass. He has many admirers, men and women alike want his D.

The Alpha Males® worship him and have appointed him to be its venerable deity, which he gladly accepted. Hentai Kamen, however, inevitably ascended to Uber Godhood, but still instills inspiration within potential Alpha Males® everywhere.



Skills and Abilities

Hentai Kamen's martial art is a unique style that doesn't conform to one style, making his actions in battle unpredictable. The only predictable thing he has is he WILL have your face in his balls. Hard.

HP: x x x

Attack: x x x

Defense: x x

Special Attack: x x

Special Defense: x x

Speed: x x x x


- "That's no rice cake. That's my dick."