The colossal fortress usually floating in orbit of planet Earth, which holds an entire empire of Alpha Males® within its massive walls. It is led by the Legendary Super Space Warrior, lordzeru.


The Alpha Males® wished to build a giant fortress designed to function as a city that can support an entire species and can travel to the far reaches of space, in case of a worldwide catastrophe that can potentially destroy Earth. With the approval of Nidhoeggr, lordzeru and his cohorts then started work on what would eventually form the base of Handanal.

However, metamorphius foresaw a Klingon invasion of Earth 9999 years in the future, and plans were altered to make Handanal a defensive weapon against the new, impending threat fast approaching. The planet-wide Ark turned Uber superweapon was eventually completed and was deemed ready for battle 1 year before the aforementioned invasion. Handanal managed to fend off the Klingons and save the Earth from destruction.

It's still in operation, and has retained all its functions both as a planetary defense and a possible galactical exploration vessel when the plebeian creatures finally overrun the planet.


Handanal is a planet-sized fortress that is armed on all sides with photon lasers. Its near-impenetrable shield is resilient and can withstand an infinite amount of hits. It can hold up to 999 billion people, complete with mini-cities and enough food and resources to last 9999 cycles.

A colossal statue of the great Hentai Kamen was erected at the very center of Handanal, in honor of its legendary inspiration.