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Son of Cipher

ForgoneReality, "Son of Cipher" is one of the Hombros alongside dietmango; keeper of all 69 Uber Elitist dungeons and is one of the top lieutenants in the Enlightenment Corps; the Anime Uber Elitists' secret police. Is currently tracking dietmango's whereabouts and wants to bring him to justice for lying. About everything. Secretly the heir to the Nanto Star of True Plebe-dom, Forgone's plebeian tastes include (but are not limited to): Sora no Otoshimono, Speed Grapher, C - Control, Cosette no Shouzou, Yosuga no Sora and Blast of Tempest.


It was thanks to his step brother from a galaxy far, far away that showed him the last known copy of Cipher -- in VHS and in mint condition, wrapped in pink bubble wrap, laced in anthrax, and infested with poisonous mushrooms -- that introduced him to true anime greatness. The synergistic dose of anthrax and poisonous mushrooms, however, proved too great for Forgone's brain to handle, sending him into a near comatose state.

On the verge of death, Forgone proceeded to sing 'Against All Odds' by Phil Collins, 'Footloose' by Kenny Loggins, 'Let's Hear It For The Boy' by Deniece Williams,' and 'Kamikaze' by The Thompson Brothers in that particular order, for 10 straight years, as well as in German, French-Russian, and Spanish (also in that particular order). Little did he know that those songs, the order and language they were required to be sang in, as well as the exact duration they should be performed, coincidentally was the summoning incantation for the mother of all beings, Amberleh. Amberleh took pity and revived him with her revolutionary healing exchange for joining and swearing absolute loyalty to her and the Anime Uber Elitist Club.

It was in the Enlightenment Corps Academia that he met future Hombro and throat-slitter-in-crime, dietmango. The Corps is also where he earned the nom de guerre, "Son of Cipher" after showing his fellow Corpsman the beauty of Cipher.

Forgone's Harem

Used to have an illegal amount of men in his harem (69 virgin men and one dirty, slave-like manservant to show them the ropes), until one day, they all got their throats slit for a currently unknown reason. dietmango swears he did not perform the crime, but really, who can trust such a liar? However, a picture evidence proves the latter's innocence.

It is said that AngelsArcanum and Michaela are part of Forgone's harem now. Angels is quite the tsun tsun, rumors say.

Skills & Abilities

Because of his near-death experience, Forgone's body is impervious to any poisonous substance; in fact, his body automatically converts it into a serum and when pulled out of his body, acts as an all-purpose antidote. This antidote would later play a role in saving lordzeru's life after spending over 9000 cycles in Chernobyl.

Is a master hand-to-hand combatant and is currently dietmango's protege in the art of throat-slitting. Together with FastWheels, he was able to help develop a new martial art, called HandAnal, rivalling that of dietmango's throat-slitting. Always keeps dietmango's special knife in a safe place unless requested by the sadomasochistic throat-slitter himself.


HP: 8,000,000/10,000,000

Attack: 8000

Defense: 369

Special Attack: 1105

Special Defense: 100

Speed: 5999



Stole Amberleh's first kiss even when he swore an oath with dietmango to always be committed to each other. This left dietmango enraged and attempted to slit Forgone's throat, but could not bring himself to do so because of their strong Hombro bond. They then proceeded to make manly love to one another, with dietmango leaving at the break of dawn to leave with AlabastreAizo, but not before slipping a note under Forgone's undies saying "I shall return."

The next day, Forgone betrayed dietmango again and kissed Amberleh for the second time in a row. This incident made dietmango lost control and proceeded to push Forgone away from Amberleh. This event was not looked upon favorably by the mother herself and is currently enacting disciplinary action against the unstable throat slitter.




ForgoneReality and AngelsArcanum are in a constant, everlasting battle against each other; Angel's strength and courage derived from his ardent desire to abolish his movie inexperience while Forgone brazenly embraces his true plebeian nature to achieve his own power. The 2 are forever locked in their destined rivalry.


Hombro and throat-slitter-in-crime. Even a kiss will not break their already solid Hombro bond. Unless...


- "We all eat eventually. And then at a later point we die. But somewhere in between we have Minecraft." (Forgone's words of wisdom to Emmrys)

- "With a vacuum toilet."

- "I love you guys (some homo)."

- "We are all part of the squiggly line."

- "I'll warm you (Erin) up."

- "Amber, your penis is crashing my stream!"

- "Some people are just dumb."

- "My beard loves a good licking."

- "I've gotta say, putting out the last embers of a big fire with your own pee is just as satisfying as you think it'd be."

- "It's not that bad. There's only a little bit of anal bleeding."

- "She raped everyone willy-nilly. Without the willy."

- "My home is a giant black penis that is constantly gushing forth."

- "I like the glowing condom."

- "If horny 13 year old me couldn't get through it, I don't know what would happen now."

- "I come bearing gifts and condom zepplins."

- "Unless I see full scrotum, it's not gonna do anything for me."

- "I'd play marbles with Mango's gargle marble mouth desk drool arena. All day."