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If you're looking for the best warlock in all of Ubertown, look no further than Archmage Ducat_Revel, Master Magician extraordinaire. A genius thaumaturge who is said to have invented the concept of time travel itself and is the real founder of Hogwarts, Ducat is a well-respected member of the Uber Elitists whose magic shows dazzle the average citizen and deity alike.

Senjougahara Freak

Ducat is secretly a closet pervert whose ultimate dream is to lick Senjougahara from head to toe. And yes, kids; even the naughty parts. He secretly writes porn novels that have become the new Uber Times #1 bestseller for 2 months, called Bukkakemonogatari. The LN series is a big hit with the kids. It's even getting an anime adaptation.


Du the Dukitty.

Ducat's most guarded secret is his ability to transform into any animal, but he usually resorts to transforming into a young, majestic, pink cat. Amberleh and ihateeveryone fell so much in love with the magical transformation that they kidnapped Ducat, stuffed him in a sack, dumped him in their secret Cure lair, and proceeded to pet him, cuddle him, and dress him up in little shirts and tutus. Amberleh has since blackmailed Ducat into settling in this routine every day, in which Ducat has succumbed to the humiliation after dietmango found out and spread the news in the entire Uber Kingdom.

Amberleh has also hired Ducat as the official mascot for Mountain Dew drinks for the Uber Kingdom, as the DewKitty. Though people would just prefer Dukitty.

Horse fetishes

Ducat and his wife.

Ducat has been outed as an extreme supporter of horse fucking and other extracurricular activities involving horses. After a fated encounter with acclaimed masterpiece Monster Musume, he ditched 3D and 2D human girls alike in favor of his new fetish and girlfriend, Horse. It is rumored that at night he bows in prayer to enormous horse asses, surrounded by candles and carrots in hope that the horse accepts him. Despite the lack of competition for the horse ass, it is unclear whether or not he has actually scored.

Korean Dave

Korean dave.jpg

One of Ducat's alter egos is a Korean model under the name of Korean Dave. He tried using his Korean charms to steal Doraemon's waifu, but failed miserably once he got rejected. Unable to deal with the rejection, he tried casting away his Korean Dave alter ego, but Doraemon's waifu keeps haunting him in his sleep.

Skills and Abilities

Even the great wizard, Merlin pales in comparison to Ducat's extraordinary powers. Ducat can levitate planets, cause natural disasters to occur -- be it massive blizzards, stir up gigantic hurricanes, and blistering wildfires -- that can level entire continents, all with a snap of a finger. Ducat's telepathic abilities are second to none. He can communicate with every being in the universe and can read minds as far as the outermost borders of the universe; it is because of this ability that he successfully made contact with God himself, a feat deemed virtually impossible. Ducat's crystal clear eyes can see everything from the past, present, and future. He can even forsee upcoming events as far back as 100 million years before they even happen. He can even predict everything you will ever say and do before you're even born. Ducat's time travelling abilities enable him to change the course of humanity's history time and time again, though this takes a significant toll on his already long lifespan. This master wizard also currently holds the universal record of having travelled at 372,000 miles per second, exactly double that of the speed of light.


HP: ???

Attack: 2000

Defense: 755

Special Attack: 99,999

Special Defense: 1760

Speed: 5 ÷


- "There should be an achievement for mass murder."

- "I'd lick a water droplet off of Senjougahara's fingers and shaved armpits anyday of the year."

- "I wish global conflicts were just settled in cancerous internet forums with a lot of aggressive memes and lame insults, than death and the poverty which follows war."

- "'s always better to attack the base of it rather than the tip."

- "that makes fuck all sense"

- "It got bigger for me too, Mango."

- "Especially really really cute necrophilia."

- "At least the zombie chick had huge breasts."

- "I'm easy, Mango~"

- "You don't want to know how much stuffing went into my bra."

- "I can't do wide."

- "Why don't you just bone me, Popka?"

- "Well, a penis I can handle."

- "I wanna see Brit David die and Popka cradle her against her flat chest."

-" Bukkake <3 Tapioca all over senjo and other lewd stuff."

- "Stop teasing each other and just go for it."

Quotes 2.0

- "Got time to stream Anus?"


- "I'm gonna make you cry like hell."

- "Cat blowjobs are the best."

- "I only have space for one shrine and G-Dragon already took it."

- "I've had enough mushroom penises."

- "The best thing about gas chambers is you don't need manpower to kill someone."

- "My sights are now on the other older women."

- "You got no business knowing what happens on my bed."

- "Y'all really trying to do some erasure stuff. Removing my proclivity for milfs. I am an equal opportunity man. I see ass, I go."

- "When they dead, they are forever lolis."

-"I can ride a horse in two ways."

- "Time to skinny dip and sing in Engrish."

- "Look, if a centaur had two different uteruses, I would find a way to knock up both."