Doraemon "Little Ding Dong" is the infamous being who was the sole, original creator of the terrorizing Ninja Planet. He is also the creator and father of Giambi, Fu, and Yiching. He lured the Uber Elitists to his home to break them. Mentally.



Doraemon's Harem

Doraemon has secretly been running a pimp business for years, coaxing women to come to his mansion with the promises of becoming rich and be featured in one of his music rap videos. In reality, Doraemon trains them to become the greatest maidos in the entire universe.

Also, part of their job description is to be dominatrix-wearing assassins at night.


Skills and Abilities



- "I get goosebumps whenever someone called me Little Ding Dong."

- "I used to catch Mewtwo while shitting back then."

- "...I don't really like hard, fast-paced..."

- "I shed a manly tear everytime I read your impressions on Mahouka, Popka."