The liar of all liars and the Uber-Elitists' number one throat-slitting princess.


Aye Precure!

About Mango-hime

It is said that his voice is actually that of Samuel Jackson's, and that the aforementioned star actually modelled his own voice after Mango, yet to his shame has been unable to fully master his pulchritudinous singing voice. Mango uses this sultry, alluring, Jasmine-esque voice to capture targets during his street walking hours. He pulls them out of the safety of their homes and vehicles like a siren's call and takes them to his back alleys. Mango is a famous street walker in his own right, and this is a major supplementary income source for him. It helps him keep his throat slitting knife collection well stocked and shiny. He can be seen through all hours of the night prancing down avenues and lanes, with a stream of dishevelled customers in his wake. He has been spotted street walking in one area of the country while reports of throat slitting erupt on the other side of the globe at the same time. No one knows how he manages this feat.

108 Dragons


Who IS Mango?

Not many people know about Mango's past. Mango is actually known to be the last survivor of his clan of assassins, known as du Tranche-gorge. After his clan's extinction, Mango ended up working for the 108 Dragons. During his visit in China, Mango had the luck training the person who later became the leader of the 108 Dragons, the person known as Fu Ching Ran, or Crying Freeman. Mango taught him everything about the art of stabbing, slitting, and of course, the importance of undressing during fights. Mango is said to have even met Little Ding Dong, Fu, Giambi and Yiching during his visit as the 108 Dragon representator @ Ninja Planet.

Solo Slitting Career

After leaving the 108 Dragons, Mango du Tranche-gorge decided to do some work for himself. He had lots of fun throat-slitting famous people. During his latest visit in Area 11, Mango accidentally caught a glimpse of a well-known sibling couple walking into a church. As soon as he noticed them, Mango appeared in front of them at the altar and quickly, in the blink of an eye, slit Kirino's throat. Many tales censored this story, as it was too brutal, so most stories made Kirino survive and live on. Although she's not popular, Mango du Tranche-gorge also had fun slitting the throat of another Japanese highschool girl, called Minamoto Chizuru. Another of his victims was Sakihata Rimi. After the battle between the Giglomaniacs and Noah II, Mango brutally slit throats of every single Giglomaniac. The throat that satisfied him the most was Rimi's.

Australian Escapade


Our fruity friend- There one day, gone the next.

During a recent mission in Australia, the citrus-y throat slitter was kidnapped by way of a giant crane. The Uber Elitists searched diligently for their fruity friend until a video was released by a chain of restaurants called Nando's revealing that they were responsible for his disappearance and the details of his kidnapping.  They have begun plotting their comrade's rescue and have issued a public statement that Nando better watch his throat once Mango has been freed.

Skills and Abilities


Casual morning for Mango du Tranche-gorge

The master of deceit and disguise, Mango is capable of changing his form to anything and everything, depending on the situation. His ID card is also affected by these shape-shifts to reveal whatever name he desires to bear at the time. It is also said that he has minor memory-altering powers that work on more simple minded folks who are unaware of his usual antics -- and even some that are aware.

He was previously the holder of the world record for the longest distance radius of scouting girls with glasses, with a 9998 light-year radius. This was soon beaten by VentusCross, who has a 9999 light-year radius due to his glasses, yandere and old Sega game diet.


HP: 9999



Defense: 9999

Special Attack: 9999

Special Defense: 9999


Known Moveset

Throat Stab - Power: 100 Accuracy: --, Stabs his own throat

Throat Slit - Power: 150 Accuracy: --, Slits his own throat.

Undress - Power: -- Accuracy: --, Takes off his clothes and decreases defence by

Mango Rage - Power: -- Accuracy: -- - Attack power increases by' 'every time he sees something stupid, but his attacks will always miss.


- "I'll slit your throat."

- "I have a lot of dumb shit on my brain. This is where I get to dump it all."

-"Patrick Stewart will always be Patrick Stewart if he's gay, a fucking alien, or all of the fucking above."

-"Nanba Mutta is fucking moe."


-"... I... uh... gotta go... now."

- "Yeah, Ima just sit here and ferment so one day, you can taste my mango juice."

- "I'm not above anyone nor below them (Rey+Nick).".."Or actually".."I'm not on top or on bottom"

- "I'd love to fuck a dragon someday."

- "Disappointing. No gay sex or blowjobs at all."

- "The sex games get really difficult later on. I got stuck with this one girl."

- "I'm gonna fucking kill you."