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Moon Princess Seduction

A die-hard feminazi who once ruled the universe with an iron fist, infamously known as the Yaoi Queen of the Bulge. Is known to be the great mother of everything and Mahou Shoujo, notably the rumored MS God, ihateeveryone. Makes some bitchin' art and awesome buttons.


Amberleh hails from the great Ohtori Academy. She was born from a sacred egg that created the known universe.

Not much else is known besides that; official records have been burned and all who had the knowledge had their throats slit. She is much more powerful than the Mahou Shoujo God herself because of her revolutionary rose powers. Is believed to have inspired the series, Revolutionary Girl Utena as well as its titular character.

Amber's Harem


Laxus giving her a lapdance with just a speedo and a bowtie. 24/7, 7 days a week.


Wally West (Power Ranger)

Tom Hiddleston's Loki in a leotard

Duo Maxwell

Amberleh's Revolutionary Deeds

- Local Feminazi saves child, loses butt and leg in the process

The Power of the 1%

When Amber participated in the Uber XCOM project to eliminate the alien hostiles on Earth, her feats became legendary when she took on 999 Sectopods by herself and manage to kill them all with her trusty magical shotgun. It was confirmed that she had a 1% chance in hitting every single one, yet prevailed unscathed.

Yaoi Queen of the Bulge

Amber became known as her infamous title for her infamous deeds of drawing bulges of "hot" anime guys because she claims it's what makes her wet out of almost anything in the universe. Anyone who defiled her doctored illustrations had their heads cut off clean. She also draws alot of yaoi fanfiction, and her favorite manga of all time is Junjou Romantica.

Skills & Abilities

Amberleh is much more powerful than the Mahou Shoujo God herself, mostly because of her Utena origins. But ever since she stepped down from her role and became the Almighty High Elf, her abilities have decreased significantly. She has been storing her latent energy in her Pink BanHammer, the legendary weapon rumored to be the only one of two weapons to successfully pierce the heavens. Those who try to argue with her anything Utena and CLAMP-related will lose any argument automatically. And die. Either by her own hands or a hand-picked assassin from within the Uber Elitist ranks.

Was born with a natural singing voice, and was known to sing anyone into submission. In fact, anyone who heard her voice felt so much rapture in their ears that they just outright disappeared from existence. She has since locked this dangerous ability away and eventually stole a normal human's voicebox in order to keep preaching about the word of CLAMP.

Amber's number one weakness is the sun and dry weather. When the weather is dry, she spontaneously transforms into Dino-Amber, transforming her into a 5000-mile tall purple dinosaur. She cannot control this strange phenomenon, nor does she retain her conscience in this form, and tramples everything in her path. The only remedy is to hydrate herself, in which Princess Emmrys helps her with the aid of her Uber Kingdom subordinates. This event and transformation is said to be the inspiration to create the kids show, Barney & Friends.

In her free time, Amberleh is a traveling artist. She poses as the Almighty High Elf to make prints and buttons in various conventions that have sold over 900 trillion copies universe-wide.





Special Attack:

Special Defense: ∞ 



REVOLUTION!!~: Amberleh summons a blinding light that rains down on enemies. Those who are caught within its 9000 light-year radius are ripped apart in seconds. The damage inflicted depends on the user's current HP. MP Cost: 5000

MOTHERLY TALK!!~: Her booming, commanding voice allows her to talk down and scold those unruly scum and they are forced to bow and grovel at her feet. A paralyzing effect that does minimal damage. MP Cost: 50

SAILOR MOON!!~: This transformation effect sextuples all her stats for a brief, 365-day period. She is also invincible when in this form. When the transformation is over, she automatically summons Stop on everyone and wears off after she has rested enough. MP Cost:

THUNDERING PASSION!!~: Amberleh chants a prayer for a miracle from the heavens above. A giant, shadowy figure appears to symbolize that the prayer has been acknowledged, in which the figure -- only wearing what seems to be a bowtie and nothing else --  to call forth a fury of lightning storms, hitting enemies within its colossal radius. Those who are caught in the storm are struck with 9999 points each and immediately hit with a mind-control spell, enabling Amberleh to have total control over all. HP Cost: 1000; MP Cost: 9000



Amberleh is slowly starting to get too attached to the infamous fruit, she actually keeps every picture of him in her closet. One on her bathroom window, in which, everyday, she stares at it intently and strokes it once a day. Every day. Every morning. At the end of the ritual, she sighs with: "Oh Mango-kun, til we meet again..."


Amber and Baki were at odds once, but slowly and gradually became BFFs over the course of their time together. Now they make their OTPs together, have tea and crumpets, and fangirl all over a lot of things. What they are, no one but the two of them know...but yeah, they're like totally like, BFFs now. Like ohhhh emmm geee, gurlfriend.


Amber is the only one willing to love sushi for who he is. Which is sad in and of itself: to be loved by no one AND to only be loved by Amber all at the same time. What a sad existence...

Requote 1.11

- "It's so kawaii desu. Makes my kokoro go dokidoki."

- "}=["

- "We are the Uber Elitists and we do what we want."

- "Go die, all of you."

- "I hate Matt."

- "I am creepy as hell."


- "There is NEVER enough tentacle rape fanservice."

- "Trying to get my boyfriend to be romantic is like trying to convince Nid that SAO is a good series."

- "I shall continue to hide in my haven of fangirls."

- "Having a smell is a MAN!"

- "...cascading over the nipples of two ample breasts..."

- "It was big and I wasn't expecting it."

- "It's breaking me, Poppy."

Requote 2.22

- "Your friendly neighborhood Feminazi admin gives this thread her seal of approval."

- "I sacrificed my butt and leg for the child's safety."

- "*Fangirlgasm*"

- "Love (heart) incestuous rapist."'

- "And then I turn into a 15 year old girl."

- "Krubeck."


- "My brother is gay and so is his boyfriend and they are both hotties."

- "I WANT to do everyone."

- "I guess I'm just so happy that Sailor Moon is bad."

- "I'm just a bitch."

- "I'm white as hell."

- "Make poopy."

- "I don't like dicks."

- "I dream in massive hordes of little dudes."

- "I am so done with all of you."

Requote 3.33

- "Oh yeah I LOOVE Cock..."

- "I knew that was coming."

- "Do you ever look at your friends and think 'I'm so glad these losers are mine?'"

- "Stop touching it then."

- "It was huge!"

- "My kingdom is bigger."

- "I love yuri."

- "Who cares about MLK day?"

- "I don't need your sass. This is my stream."

- "I will have yuri times into the sunset."

- "You should bread his game in half." (To Hias)

- "My kokoro is brokoro."


- "I like lesbians."

- "I love me some incest lolis."

- "Get your head out of my crotch."

- "Nothing brings us ubers together like edgy bad animy."

- "Please stop licking me."

- "I always welcome more estrogen..."

- "I hate you assholes."

Requote 4.44

- "No Sushi is my imouto."


- "Me being the gayest straight girl is no new thing."

- "I am the Uber Butt Queen."

- "Futa is chicks with dix."

- "And I don't watch porn. Real actors scare me. I only watch hentai."

- "I mean I do love kids shows, and that is one of the signs of a pedophile."

- "I need more gay girls...cute gay fox girls."

- "She's a cuntmuncher."

- "Always down for being super lesbian."

- "Anyone got any pills before the reset?"

- "I might have to bend down for Pixie though."